Can’t create a new Receive connector after installing Rollup #1 or #2 for Exchange 2007 SP3

On 23/07/2012, in Exchange, by Cromby

Can’t create a new Receive connector after installing Rollup #1 or #2 for Exchange 2007 SP3 After you install Exchange 2007 service pack 3, and or rollup #1 or rollup #2 and you attempt to create a new receive connector, you receive the following error: Summary: 1 item(s). 0 succeeded, 1 failed. Elapsed time: 00:00:00 […]


Password protect website directory

On 28/05/2012, in Uncategorized, by Cromby

Working on a website that you need others to see, but not the whole world? Password protecting a website (or a sub directory within a website) is actually a pretty easy thing to do.   .htaccess file AuthType Basic AuthName “restricted area” AuthUserFile /path/to/the/directory/you/are/protecting/.htpasswd require valid-user The exact path to the file is extremely important […]


Office 365: Grant Send As Permission Without Using PowerShell

On 27/05/2012, in Office 365, by Cromby

Office 365: Grant Send As Permission Without Using PowerShell P1 Plan Granting Send As permission without using PowerShell P1 Plan Login into your Microsoft Online Portal. Click Outlook. Click Options and select See All Options. Click Connected accounts. Click New. Enter the e-mail address of the other account you’re connecting to, and the Password of […]


How To Setup Office 365 “Send As”

On 27/05/2012, in Office 365, by Cromby

This perplexing subject has a lot of bits and pieces all over the web but no body’s blog’s or help’s or comments on the subject spelled out how this is done well enough for the general public or even tech savvy geek to understand how to do it. So after having researched and accomplished it […]


Cannot receive emails – Office 365 – Remote host said: 550 5.4.1 Relay Access Denied

On 27/05/2012, in Office 365, by Cromby

“Remote host said: 550 5.4.1 Relay Access Denied” nondelivery report error when people who are external to your organization send mail to Office 365 users”   Based on my experience, this problem can occur when you newly add your domain into Office 365 and the domain information has not been provisioned properly in FOPE(Forefront Online […]


Disabling password expiry on Office 365

On 24/05/2012, in Office 365, by admin

Microsoft’s Office 365 has a long list of mostly useful features. There’s one feature though that many clients keep complaining about – the password expiry. Anyone facing this problem surely looked everywhere on the portal, unfortunately Microsoft hasn’t included an option to disable that. At least not in a simple way. This article describes the […]


Installing ESXi 5.0 HP Offline Bundle

On 25/01/2012, in VMware, by admin

Download and install ‘vSphere CLI 5.0’ from here –  Automation Tools Download and install ‘HP ESXi Offline Bundle for VMware ESXi 5.0’ from here – link Latest at time of creating this post is Using vSphere Client upload the Offline Bundle to a datastore on the ESXi host. C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\bin> # Place host […]


Thin Station TS-O-Matics

On 17/01/2012, in ThinStation, by admin

The TS-O-Matics are linux servers that will build your personalised Thin Station images. Click for current TSoM Links on project page. As of 12/01/2012 the Danish TSoM contains the latest 2.2.2i build of Thin Station More downloads here


ActiveSync Tester

On 04/01/2012, in ActiveSync, by admin

The AccessMyLan ActiveSync Tester simulates an ActiveSync client and provides a detailed diagnostic report with possible solution options. The tool can identify: Host connectivity and name resolution (DNS) problems SSL / Certificate issues Exchange Server / ActiveSync configuration issues User configuration issues Downloads ActiveSync Tester for Windows An alternative to this is Microsofts own online […]