1. Download the installer from. http://www.teamviewer.com

2. Run the installation file, (If there is a previous version  Trial/Expired, then Uninstall it first).

3. Choose Install, dont press Next yet, (normally if you were to click next you would see personal is grayed out forcing you to go with choice company. )

4. Open the Temp directory, Start> run> type % temp% and press enter.

5. Locate the folder nsxXXXX.tmp, where XXXX is 4 random characters.

6. Within  nsxXXXX.tmp find and open environment_unicode.ini using Notepad.

7. Amendment Flags in Field 1,2 and 3 of the Flags = Disable or Notify as Flags = GROUP | NOTIFY (the whole 3Field).

8. Amendment State in Field 1 and 2 [Field 1, State = 0 the solution is State = 1] and [Field 2, State = 1 to solve the State = 0].

9. Save the edited file then right click environment_unicode.ini select Properties and set it to Read Only.

10. Return to the setup and press next , you can now select Personal

11. Right click environment_unicode.ini select Properties and clear the Read Only flag.

12. Continue through the installation to complete installing it in Personal mode on your Test server.


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