Install TeamViewer Host on Server in Personal mode for testing.

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1. Download the installer from. 2. Run the installation file, (If there is a previous version  Trial/Expired, then Uninstall it first). 3. Choose Install, dont press Next yet, (normally if you were to click next you would see personal is grayed out forcing you to go with choice company. ) 4. Open the Temp directory, Start> […]


Adobe Acrobat Reader Direct download links

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Browse Adobe’s ftp server for latest versions…  


HP iLO GUI Utility / Tool Download Links

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With this new GUI version, we can change /reset the iLO password, change the IP address, Subnet & Gateway configurations and many more – HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Windows 2003/2008 x64 Editions Click here to download x64 bit version Type: Software – Lights-Out Management Version: (22 Nov 2010) Operating System(s): File name: […]


How to sysprep a Windows 7 master image more than 3 times

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  A common scenario for Windows XP was to make a master image on a system, sysprep it, create the image, and build on that master image for the next version of that image. Windows 7 made this difficult as you can only sysprep (better said, re-arm the license of) a system only 3 times. […]


Easy to use Tools For Making .wim Image File That I Use

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Hello Everyone in this post we are talking about easy to use tools for making .wim image (windows image file) The WIM format has spread in to the mainstream and administrators are drowning in images, yet there are few decent tools for working with them.Well when i was just started  read about .wim files there […]


Connecting to SMB share with an alias name (CNAME)

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The registry key that is mentioned in the “Resolution” section is applicable only to SMB 1.0. To communicate over the SMB2.0 protocol, or CIFS (Common Internet File System), you do not have to set the registry key. SMB 2.0 allows for the functionality described in this article to work by default without additional configuration. Computers […]


Implementing vSphere Data Protection (VDP) tips

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vSphere Data Protection (VDP) is replacing VMware Data Recovery (vDR). VDP is a more robust product based on the EMC Avamar product. Here are some VDP implementing tips: Each vCenter server can support up to 10 VDP appiances Each VDP appliance supports up to 100 VMs VDP stores deduplicated data on the   0.5,1 or 2 […]


Building a Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG) / RD Gateway Server

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Creating a Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway) is straight forward and can be used to securely access your Windows servers over port 443 using the Remote Desktop Connection Client.  I use this to access my home lab when I’m on the road or at work, and it saves exposing your machines to the internet directly […]


How to Map a drive letter to WebDAV server on XP (HTTP and HTTPS)

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How To Map A HTTPS-only Web Folder To A Drive Question: In Windows XP/2003, how to map a web folder which allows for only HTTPS connections to a drive? Windows web folder is Microsoft’s implementation of WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning). Two WebDAV clients: Web Folders and WebDAV Mini Redirector are integrated and preinstalled […]


KMS Client keys.

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Updated 10/10/12 If you installed windows with a MAK key and need to change it to KMS or installed windows, never activated, and need to activate it with your KMS server, then here is how to do it. STEP 1 Open command prompt on the machine you are wanting to activate and type: slmgr.vbs /ipk […]